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X-ProxyX-Proxy - Change your IP address, prevent identity theft and intrusion from hackers

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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedAug 26, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 26, 2013
Category Security & Antivirus » SecurityPlatform Windows
Short description Change your IP address, prevent identity theft and intrusion from hackers

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Criminals, hackers, and even the government can trace your exact location to their home, the IP address is our passport of identity on the Internet. Each time you access any web page leave on the server that stores the page a little trace of your presence. X-Proxy is designed to avoid these problems, as it helps you hide your IP address in order to surf the Web anonymously. With X-Proxy can prevent others from seeing your true IP when browsing the Internet. X-Proxy changes your IP with the click of a button!

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