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Tianshi ClockTianshi Clock - Synchronous and synclastic with the earth rotation

General information

NameTianshi ClockVersion1.0.0.1
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedJul 17, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 17, 2013
Category Desktop Management » Clocks & Time ManagementPlatform Windows
Short description Synchronous and synclastic with the earth rotation

Developer's description

After deep study on the nature of the earth running, professor Ren Lian of the Life Science Theory Research Institute of Shandong Life Science Academy links the healthiness of human being and Chinese culture with time counting, and designs the timepiece which makes the law of the earth rotation echoes the speed of the heartbeat of mankind--Tianshi Clock. It has obtained the authentication of China National Intellectual Property Rights Bureau for the patent of this invention (application number is CN200410075838.3, and public number is CN1635428), and the design is declared to have some strong points: following the running law of mechanical gear, accurate time counting, inventing a new type of structure of timepiece gear and time counting method. The Tianshi Clock works using the Tianshi Time Counting Method. This is synchronous and synclastic with the earth rotation, and concerns the healthiness of mankind. It can also avoid some disasters caused by leap second. Tianshi Clock is the integrated scientific and technical payoffs of Chinese traditional calendar (24-solar term and 72-scale) and modern space theory of life science. It is the theoretical method that submitted to the UNESCO to improve the current time counting standard appropriately, and it will predominate the correction of the error of the present time counting standard. Time decides the development of everything in the human society, and the correction of time counting method will lead people to know the space theory of life. The push of Tianshi Time Counting Method is the scientific movement that breaks through the universal standard, and it is the representative example of improving the world science and technology. Its worldwide push and implementation will indicate the social effect of time and space science theory, and push the development of calendar, spaceflight, computer, the education of people's livelihood and medical treatment. The implementation if Tianshi will bring profound historic significance and great economic interest that helps human society to propel innovation.

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