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The Games FactoryThe Games Factory - Create Arcade games, Platform games, Adventures, Screen Savers and much more

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NameThe Games FactoryVersion2.0
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedAug 7, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 7, 2013
Category Games » Tools & EditorsPlatform Windows
Short description Create Arcade games, Platform games, Adventures, Screen Savers and much more

Developer's description

Ever dreamed of making your own [KW]video game[/KW]? Now you can with [KW]The Games Factory 2[/KW], it provides everything you need to [KW]create Arcade games[/KW], [KW]Platform games[/KW], Adventures, [KW]Screen Savers[/KW] and much more. Perfect for young or first time [KW]game designers[/KW], The Games Factory 2 introduces the basics of game design and programming through it’s revolutionary [KW]Event Editor[/KW]. Because there is not traditional programming language to master, users can quickly begin creating and learning how programming logic works. Make your computer into a [KW]games factory[/KW] today!

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