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TeamDriveTeamDrive - Synchronize your data quickly and securely

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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedAug 12, 2013
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Category System Utilities » Backup & RecoveryPlatform Windows
Short description Synchronize your data quickly and securely

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[KW]TeamDrive[/KW] allows you to [KW]easily sync data[/KW] between your computers. It’s child’s play to share music, images, documents or folders of any sort with friends, family or work colleagues. TeamDrive makes it possible to create teams easily to work together on documents ([KW]online[/KW] and offline collaboration). By means of the integrated [KW]version management system[/KW], all changes to documents or files are recorded automatically, so that every change can be tracked. The security and confidentiality of your data is the highest priority for TeamDrive. Before TeamDrive transfers your data, they are encrypted on your computer (AES-256). Only you decide who has access to your data. TeamDrive has been awarded the [KW]Data Protection Seal[/KW] of Privacy of the ULD. An encrypted back-up copy of all of your data is automatically saved on one of [KW]TeamDrive’s servers[/KW]. If you lose your computer or it breaks down, you can restore your data easily. TeamDrive offers two alternatives for synchronising and safeguarding your data reliably: either you can use the [KW]TeamDrive servers[/KW], which means that we take care of everything, or you can use your own servers.

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