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Spoon StudioSpoon Studio - Easily virtualize existing applications for instant, zero-install delivery

General information

NameSpoon StudioVersion10.4.2491
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedJul 26, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 26, 2013
Category Web Development » OthersPlatform Windows
Short description Easily virtualize existing applications for instant, zero-install delivery

Developer's description

[KW]Spoon Studio[/KW] will allow you to convert your [KW]Windows[/KW], [KW].NET[/KW], [KW]Java[/KW],[KW] AIR[/KW], [KW]Flash[/KW], [KW]Shockwave[/KW], or other [KW]Windows-compatible application[/KW] into a self-contained virtual application that can be streamed from the web and run instantly on an end-user device. Unlike traditional deployment methods, virtual applications do not require reboots, administrative privileges, or separate setup steps for [KW]external components[/KW] and [KW]runtimes[/KW]. [KW]Virtual applications[/KW] are isolated from other system applications, preventing [KW]DLL conflicts[/KW] and other deployment nightmares. Give Spoon Studio a try to fully assess its capabilities!

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