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rsclib - A Python library to help you with your development

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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedAug 20, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 20, 2013
Category Developer Tools » Components & LibrariesPlatform Windows
Short description A Python library to help you with your development

Developer's description

rsclib is a small Python library designed with configuration file parsing, HTML and PDF parsing. The library includes various utility modules used in other projects: · ast_call: A simple call manager using asterisk: This can be used to originate a call and log all event associated to that call. So you can find out the status of the call and optionally the dialstatus. · ast_cdr: parser for CDR records in asterisk. · Autosuper magic: For refactoring it's a good idea that each class knows its parents (that the parent is not hardcoded in the upcall), achieved by adding a the __super attribute. Use as, e.g., self.__super.method for calling method in the parent. · bero: A configurator for the bero*fos failover switch. · Config_File for Python-syntax configuration files. · execute: module for executing commands and handling IO, this also has a Lock and a Log mixin. Now there is also a framework for executing processes in a pipeline, there can be fork-points in the pipeline where the output of one process feeds several pipelines. · Firstname: given a string-candidate of a first name, check with popular web-site if it is really considered a first name. · grepmime: search for pattern in email attachments (even if these are encoded) · HTML_Parse for opening and parsing URLs · IP4_Address: IP v4 Addresses with subnet masking · iter_recipes: magic with iterators · lcr: model the status of Linux Call Router ISDN lines. · Math implements Euclids algorithm for greatest common divisor and as a by-product the least common multiple · nmap: A parser for output of nmap scans to (e.g. to generate tables in TeX) · ocf: small framework for writing OCF scripts for the heartbeat cluster resource manager. · PDF_Parse for opening and parsing PDFs, needs pdftotext installed · PDF_Signature: experimental code for checking signatures on adobe PDF documents · PM_Value: Possibly missing value, encapsulate a number which may be missing and associated arithmetics. · Rational: Implementation of Rational numbers · stateparser: Simple state-machine parser class · timeout: A simple timeout mechanism using SIGALRM · Tex_CSV_Writer: Write CVS files in a syntax that can be parsed by TeX. Implements same interface as the csv module. Only implements writing. · trafficshape: Simple traffic shaping configuration.

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