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Post HastePost Haste - Helping you organize assets before you start a project

General information

NamePost HasteVersion2.1.6
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedAug 29, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 29, 2013
Category System Tools » CD/DVD ToolsPlatform Windows
Short description Helping you organize assets before you start a project

Developer's description

Simplify your creative workflows by organizing your projects before you start. Post Haste is an essential [KW]project management tool[/KW] that makes it easy to create new projects from customizable templates. Add folder structures and project files to a template, then setup filename parameters such as project name, client and date to enforce a common naming convention. When you need to create a new project, fill in the desired parameters (project name, client, date, etc) and Post Haste will copy the contents of the template and customize the filenames using the parameters you specified. Post Haste is suitable for photographers, video professionals, audio professionals, graphic designers, web designers and anyone who needs to keep their projects and assets organized. Modify the included templates to meet your needs or create your own from scratch using the built-in template editor. Post Haste even provides blank project files for various applications to make it quicker and easier to setup your template. Use folder breaks to create a folder hierarchy from your parameters. Post Haste was specially developed as an accessible tool for shared environments. Set the template location on each computer to a shared storage area and assign a default template for each department. With unlimited templates and customization options, Post Haste is powerful and flexible enough to accommodate the needs of every user and facility.

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