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PdfScanManagerPdfScanManager - Manage scanned PDF documents

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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedNov 27, 2016
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeOct 1, 2013
Category Business » Office Add-inPlatform Windows
Short description Manage scanned PDF documents

Developer's description

PdfScanManager is a tool designed to help you with the task of previewing, renaming and moving scanned documents in PDF format. When you scan documents with your scanner they are usually saved to a specific folder (e.g. My Scans) under a generic name (e.g. scan0001.pdf), which leaves you with the task of assigning meaningful names and organizing the files PdfScanManager automatically monitors your designated scan folder(s) and whenever a new document is added, it brings up a dialog that allows you to quickly preview, rename and move the document to a new folder location. In addition, you can also choose to rotate or remove PDF pages, send documents by email (requires Outlook) and assign keywords to your PDF files. Although the GUI is a little cluttered and could use some improvements, PdfScanManager works well for what it's intended to do.

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