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My Endpoint ProtectorMy Endpoint Protector - Lockdown and control USB flash drives and other ports on PC

General information

NameMy Endpoint ProtectorVersion4.0.7.0
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedSep 3, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeSep 3, 2013
Category Security & Antivirus » SecurityPlatform Windows
Short description Lockdown and control USB flash drives and other ports on PC

Developer's description

My Endpoint Protector is a reliable and useful utility that will provide you with data loss prevention and device control, so you can easily manage and track all the devices connected to your company network. My Endpoint Protector is a SaaS Solution, meaning the management is happening in the cloud over an internet browser. Manage proactively all these ports and devices online from one place. Controlled Device Types: · USB Flash Drives (Normal USB Drives, U3, etc.) · Wireless USB · Memory Cards (SD, MMC, CF, etc.) · Card Readers (internal and external) · ZIP Drives · Floppy Drives · CD/DVD-Player/Burner (internal and external) · Digital Cameras · Smartphones / Handhelds / PDAs · Blackberry · iPhones / iPads / iPods · external HDDs · FireWire Devices · MP3 Player / Media Player Devices · Biometric Drives · Bluetooth · ExpressCard SSD · Printers · PCMCIA · Serial Port

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