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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedOct 3, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeOct 3, 2013
Category Audio - Videos » Other audio toolsPlatform Windows
Short description An open source media center software

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[KW]MediaPortal[/KW] is an open source media center software that enables you to turn your PC into an advanced multi media center or [KW]Home Theater PC[/KW]. You can use MediaPortal to watch and [KW]record TV[/KW] (requires TV tuner), [KW]play videos[/KW], DVDs and Blu-rays, listen to your music collection, [KW]view pictures[/KW], home videos and more. MediaPortal provides an easy to use interface that can be controlled with your keyboard or mouse or via supported remote controls. You can choose from several attractive GUI skins or download additional skins from the community portal. In addition to movies, photos and audio files, MediaPortal also supports FM or web radio stations as well as RSS feeds, weather reports and several games (some included, others can be downloaded as plug-ins). Other features include support for a variety of plug-ins, remote access via web browser, Android or iOS, integrated IMDB and cover art download, CD ripping, built-in codecs, and much more.

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