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ItemMoverItemMover - A very powerful SharePoint add-in

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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedAug 2, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 2, 2013
Category Web Development » OthersPlatform Windows
Short description A very powerful SharePoint add-in

Developer's description

[KW]ItemMover[/KW] will provide [KW]SharePoint users[/KW] the ability to quickly and easily [KW]move list items[/KW] between any folder of their very own choice from the content type entitled "[KW]Folder Content Types[/KW]". With ItemMover, no matter if you are utilizing a task or discussion list or even a custom list including content types as [KW]summary task[/KW], the [KW]folder content types[/KW] you created and even discussion. What this particular piece of software does is not deleting the item but simply [KW]modify the path[/KW] where it's actually available and, moreover, it does not even matter how many subfolders you work with.

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