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LicenseTrialLast UpdatedSep 9, 2013
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Short description Limit computer usage time

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ComputerTime enables parents to set limits on the amount of time and the time-of-day when their children can use the computer. Whenever the computer is used, the user must log on with a password, and the limitations that are set for his/her account become active. You can set different limitations for each user, and also generate a list of codes (tokens) that can be given to a user to temporarily extend usage time. The user has also the option to pause time tracking by logging off or switching to Away mode. ComputerTime offers flexible limitation options, based on regular schedules, as well as daily limitations and weekend exceptions. The software provides no control over what your children are doing on the computer, the assigned computer time can be used any way they want, and does not limit or prevent Internet access.

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