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Boxshot (formerly Box Shot 3D)Boxshot (formerly Box Shot 3D) - Create a best virtual cover in the world

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NameBoxshot (formerly Box Shot 3D)Version4.1
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedAug 9, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 9, 2013
Category Photo & Design » Image EditorsPlatform Windows
Short description Create a best virtual cover in the world

Developer's description

So, you decide to [KW]create a virtual cover[/KW]. Good decision. As you already know people will not buy things thay they cannot see. [KW]Software box[/KW] will be the deciding factor for many potential customers. Creating a[KW] virtual software box [/KW]for your product is a really good idea. You need a best virtual cover for your software. Why? Stupid question, I know. But I have an answer: Software box is a deciding factor for your customers, so you have two ways: customer sees your box and decides to try your software or customer sees your box and decides to look for another one. Yes, ugly software box can force your potential customer to go away. So, you decide to create a [KW]best virtual cover[/KW] in the world. Congratulations! You've found the right tool for your task: Boxshot! Why? Here are the answers: Boxshot uses raytracing algorithms to produce photorealistic virtual covers. It is an unique feature of Boxshot. You will not find another virtual cover software that does the same. Download Link 1: x86 Download Link 2: x64

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