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AxCrypt 1AxCrypt 1 - One-click file encryption

General information

NameAxCrypt 1Version1.7.2976
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedAug 21, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 21, 2013
Category Security & Antivirus » EncryptingPlatform Windows
Short description One-click file encryption

Developer's description

[KW]AxCrypt[/KW] is an easy to use [KW]file encryption program[/KW]. It integrates directly with Windows Explorer, enabling encryption, decryption, viewing and editing of any file with just a few clicks of the mouse. AxCrypt uses [KW]128-bit AES encryption[/KW] and SHA-1 algorithms, which comply with US Government and Internet standards. Additional features include creation of self-decrypting files, automatic re-encryption after editing, secure deletion (wiping) of files and temporaries, cryptographic data integrity validation, separate key and data encrypting keys, secure internal memory handler and more. AxCrypt uses a straight forward one-click way to process files. There is no additional interface to configure or open, other than selecting/entering your password. Portable version included.

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