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AW Esperanto-Portuguese DictionaryAW Esperanto-Portuguese Dictionary - Esperanto-Portuguese Dictionary. 15377 words.

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NameAW Esperanto-Portuguese DictionaryVersion1.0
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedJul 10, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 10, 2013
Category Platform
Short description Esperanto-Portuguese Dictionary. 15377 words.

Developer's description

Esperanto-Portuguese (Esperanto-Portugala, Esperanto-Portuguкs) [KW]Dictionary[/KW]. 15377 words. This [KW]dictionary contains[/KW] the most used words and it is perfect word set to fit in [KW]memory [/KW]of [KW]low-memory devices[/KW]. Based on Ergane 5.0 wordlists This dictionary requires you have installed RoadLingua software, which is included to the archive. RoadLingua shell makes avaiable the following features: [KW]Multilingual [/KW]and [KW]specialty dictionaries[/KW] available including [KW]FREE dictionaries[/KW]. Pronouncing transcriptions support (requires dictionary with transcriptions included) Extremely fast [KW]dictionary browsing[/KW]. Data compression makes the [KW]dictionaries [/KW]smaller in size. Ability to use several dictionaries simultaneously. On-the-fly capability. Select a word in any [KW]text editor[/KW] or viewer and read its definition. VFS (Compact Flash, SD/MMC, Memory Stick cards) native code support. [KW]Handspring FlashModule[/KW] support. Search within the offered definitions. Supports all Palm OS devices: Palm, TRG/HandEra, Sony CLIE, Handspring Visor, Acer, Symbol, IBM, etc. Supports Palm OS 2.0 or above. Note: RoadLingua shell is distributed as shareware, but there are no trial period or disabled features.

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