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Anuko World ClockAnuko World Clock - Skinnable timezone clock replacing Windows system clock with multiple time zones

General information

NameAnuko World ClockVersion5.7.0.3984
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedAug 7, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeAug 7, 2013
Category Desktop Management » Clocks & Time ManagementPlatform Windows
Short description Skinnable timezone clock replacing Windows system clock with multiple time zones

Developer's description

[KW]Anuko World Clock[/KW] is a tool that replaces the [KW]regular system clock[/KW] with several time zones of your choosing. Knowing the time around the world has never been simpler. Whether you travel from timezone to [KW]timezone[/KW] or have international friends, it is the clock for you! When downloaded, the Anuko World Clock software replaces the [KW]taskbar's system clock[/KW] with a list of time zones, the specifics of which you define yourself. The clock's success is due primarily to its manageability, [KW]ease of use[/KW], and diversity as an award-winning Windows utility. On top of a highly usable shareware, Anuko World Clock is also available as a very affordable personal tool. Around 50% of Anuko World Clock's customers are enterprise users, who require a powerful timezone monitoring tool that adjusts automatically for appropriate daylight savings through summer and winter, and keeps them in touch with their overseas partners, colleagues or friends. Anuko World Clock is very good for stock and currency traders. Whether you are an enterprise in need of an efficient timezone monitoring utility, or a home user with a loved-one in another country, Anuko World Clock is software you should not be without. So if you travel a lot, get it on your laptop!

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