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Android Theme StudioAndroid Theme Studio - Designing Android themes for supported Roms

General information

NameAndroid Theme StudioVersion1.1.0.0
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedJul 31, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 31, 2013
Category Mobile phone softwarePlatform Windows
Short description Designing Android themes for supported Roms

Developer's description

With the [KW]Android Theme Studio[/KW], everyone can be a[KW] Android custom Rom themer[/KW] by cutting down the time needed for creating a theme from scratch thanks to its capabilities to deal with long XML files and renaming many files simultaneously. Android Theme Studio will help you quickly and easily rename files, add data to XML files, edit icons as well as creating the final theme package. The very simple yet friendly GUI of this particular application software doesn't require any XML know-how from your part.

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