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ALO Order EntryALO Order Entry - Sales Order Entry for Route Sales, Direct Store Delivery, Presales & Traveling Salespersons....

General information

NameALO Order EntryVersion5602
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedJul 10, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 10, 2013
Category Platform
Short description Sales Order Entry for Route Sales, Direct Store Delivery, Presales & Traveling Salespersons....

Developer's description

ALO Order Entry - Sales Order Entry for salespersons on the Palm OS - integrates with your [KW]current accounting software[/KW]. This [KW]software [/KW]is designed for Route Sales, Direct Store Delivery, Presales, and Traveling Salespersons. ALO Order Entry software includes Customer and Sales Order lookup by Route/Route delivery sequence, truck inventory tracking and reconciliation, payment (cash, check, credit card) receipts and payment reconciliation, Sales Tax (including Canadian sales tax), [KW]multi-linqual POS[/KW] receipts, pricing that can be specific to a particular product for a particular customer, signature capture, and sales order printing. The ALO Order [KW]Entry software[/KW] includes the ALO Information Manager, which runs on a Windows 2000/XP [KW]personal computer[/KW] and [KW]manages [/KW]the downloading of customer and [KW]item information[/KW], uploading of sales orders, and importing/exporting of information with the user's accounting system. A [KW]software license[/KW] must be purchased for each handheld unit that will use the software. For example, if ALO Order Entry is being used on three handheld units, three licenses must be purchased. Quantity discounts are available.

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