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Agendus for Palm OS Professional EditionAgendus for Palm OS Professional Edition - NEW: Organize your mobile life better. Five-in-One - Address, Date book, To Dos

General information

NameAgendus for Palm OS Professional EditionVersion13.0
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedJul 9, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 9, 2013
Category Platform
Short description NEW: Organize your mobile life better. Five-in-One - Address, Date book, To Dos

Developer's description

[KW]Agendus Pro[/KW] is a powerful integrated [KW]personal information manager[/KW]. Your [KW]contacts[/KW], [KW]calendar[/KW], memos, to dos and more finally work together like you always knew they should. Agendus understands the way you actually work.  Agendus was designed to (almost) read your mind, offering features that predict what you want to do, just when you need it.  Once you experience it, you’ll never go back to a static calendar or address book again. Looking for organizational Nirvana? Maybe your calendar is your life. Non-stop meetings; countless calls to [KW]key contacts[/KW]; a To Do list that overwhelms. You'll love the intuitive way Agendus lets you get more done each day. Looking for a departure from the boring and mundane? Maybe you find the built-in PIM apps a bit uninspired and limited. Agendus Professional turbo-charges the built-in PIM apps, energizing your experience and making your Palm even more useful. Still Curious how Agendus works? If you are behind completing a To Do item on time, Agendus prompts you to reschedule.  Need to schedule a meeting quickly amidst a full schedule? With a few taps, Agendus finds your first free timeslot after next Tuesday.  Missed that last [KW]anniversary [/KW]or [KW]birthday[/KW]?  Relax, you will never miss it again. Are you a Seven Habits adherent?  [KW]Time-management[/KW] experts at Franklin-Covey recommend prioritizing your To Do list two ways?using both importance and urgency?so, Agendus now lets you display your To Do list in our exclusive Matrix View for quick prioritization of your tasks as you navigate your day. Agendus Professional makes managing your complex worklife simple.

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