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Age ReversalAge Reversal - Control the signs and symptoms of aging.

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NameAge ReversalVersion1.0
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedJul 9, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 9, 2013
Category Home & Hobby » Health & NutritionPlatform Windows
Short description Control the signs and symptoms of aging.

Developer's description

Once wrinkles are written into the [KW]skin[/KW], they can never be fully eliminated.The objective is prevention.Though we can now reduce the depth of [KW]wrinkles [/KW]and make them [KW]less apparent[/KW], they still remain a [KW]singular reminder[/KW] of the wear and tear one suffers over the years. Therefore, we must prevent them before they start. That is the goal of the Age Reversal. This e-book includes all the topics about skin care and [KW]anti-age program[/KW].

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