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AerobeakAerobeak - A Magical, Violence-Free, Educational World" POCKET PC MAGAZINE

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LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedJul 4, 2013
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Short description A Magical, Violence-Free, Educational World" POCKET PC MAGAZINE

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WE ARE FEATURED WITH AN ARTICLE "A MAGICAL,VIOLENCE - FREE, EDUCATIONAL WORLD" IN THE POCKET PC MAGAZINE, MAY 2003 ISSUE. "Aerobeak Goes on a Ride" 2.0 is a remarkable educational and violence free game program. It promotes the unique and friendly "life feeling" of Hawaii, called "Aloha Spirit". This game awakens the interest globally to learn more about our environment, science, history, geography and much more for all ages. We invite you on a thrilling journey in a magical world with enchanted and cool characters, like Pupulala, Fufu, PuffRuff and many more! We invite everyone to share with us our family values! You can learn more about us on our website: www.aerobeak.com. From the review of www.googol.net: "Sumptuous graphics and excellent sound effects make this a fantastic game to play. The gameplay is simple, yet extremely addictive, 9Isles, a Hawaiian company, have truly created an awesome game that combines logic puzzles and questions with a fun non-violent game idea suitable for all ages." "AEROBEAK GOES ON A RIDE" 2.0 IS A BLAST! TRY IT AND HAVE A GREAT TIME!

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