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AdBGoneAdBGone - If you browse the Internet, chances are you have encountered a Popup or two.

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LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedJul 5, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 5, 2013
Category Internet » Browser ToolbarsPlatform Windows
Short description If you browse the Internet, chances are you have encountered a Popup or two.

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If you [KW]browse [/KW]the [KW]Internet[/KW], chances are you have encountered a [KW]Popup [/KW]or two. Popups are another advertisement deviant; they're annoying, hard to get rid of, and when you close one another pops right back up!AdBGone is not your ordinary Popup blocker, AdBGone has built-in advertisement blocking support, with a known advertiser list of over 1800+ advertisers. When AdBGone finds an advertisement, it will replace the ad with the [KW]AdBGone logo[/KW], [KW]solid background[/KW], or a piece of [KW]custom HTML[/KW]. AdBGone also sports a unique Popup protection called Smart! [KW]Popup blocking[/KW], what this means is it will allow the Popups you want and discard the ones you don't. Rid yourself of these nuisances, [KW]download AdBGone[/KW] today and get: Advertisement blocking support Smart! Popup blocking support (AdBGone integrates itself into Internet Explorer to block Popups before they occur) Replace [KW]advertisements [/KW](banners, logos, etc.) with the AdBGone logo, [KW]solid background[/KW], or HTML Our ever-growing list of known advertisers (1800 and growing) Join the community that contributes to the list of advertisers, if you find an ad that AdBGone did not block, submit it to us with the Contribute Host functionality Popup and Advertisement counter/statistics (keep track of how many ads and Popups AdBGone has blocked Access to an application that is constantly improving

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