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ABCTreoABCTreo - Super MemoPad with many advanced features: Expansion card support (incl. unique "ShadowWrite"),...

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LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedJul 8, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeJul 8, 2013
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Short description Super MemoPad with many advanced features: Expansion card support (incl. unique "ShadowWrite"),...

Developer's description

Super MemoPad with long list of advanced features! RICH FEATURE SET: Integrates all ABCxx family app features in a single app (ABCNotes, ABCMemos, ABCWallet...) MEMOPAD COMPATIBLE: Can be used with or instead of the built-in MemoPad READS AND WRITES TO AND FROM VFS EXPANSION CARD: Uses "Load" and "Save As" menu options HAS A UNIQUE SHADOWING VFS SUPPORT MODE: Whenever a memo is edited, changes can be automatically synchronized to a ".txt" file on the expansion card If necessary, this ".txt" file can be updated "offline" using a [KW]desktop computer[/KW]'s text editor Later on, when the same memo is opened again on your Palm, its contents is synchronized back automatically This feature can be used as an "instant backup" feature as well REMOVES VARIOUS MEMOPAD LIMITATIONS: Supports the unlimited number of in-memory folders with 15 categories each Handles large memos up to 28K Supports 10 Clipboards with no 1K limit ADDS FUNCTIONALITY: Twin view and built-in Small and Fixed size fonts Multi-memo select and [KW]text editing[/KW] with Cut/Copy/Paste icons Built-in on-screen keyboard (with macros and enhanced navigation) Backups/Restores a memo, a category or an entire folder Protects your sensitive data using strong encryption algorithms Provides Text,[KW] Category & Folder[/KW] [KW]statistics Bookmarks[/KW], [KW]Templates[/KW], LastRecentlyUsed list, AppRun list ...and many more TREO SUPPORT: Enhanced one-hand 5-way navigation and text select mode TRIAL RELEASE: All comments & suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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