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WinZipWinZip - Zip utility for file compression, protection, sharing & backup.

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Short description Zip utility for file compression, protection, sharing & backup.

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WinZip is the most trusted way to work with [KW]compressed files[/KW]. No other compression utility is as easy-to-use or offers the comprehensive and productivity-enhancing approach that has made WinZip the gold standard for file-compression tools. You can quickly and securely zip and unzip files to conserve [KW]storage space[/KW], speed up e-mail transmission, and reduce download times. State-of-the-art file compression, strong AES encryption, compatibility with more [KW]compression formats[/KW], and new intuitive [KW]photo compression[/KW], make WinZip the complete compression and [KW]archiving solution[/KW]. Building on the favorite features of a [KW]worldwide base [/KW]of several million users, WinZip adds new features for [KW]image compression[/KW] and [KW]management[/KW], support for new [KW]compression methods[/KW], improved [KW]compression performance[/KW], support for additional [KW]archive formats[/KW], and more. Users can work faster, smarter, and safer.

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