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Visichat is a modern, fully featured and truly [KW]global flash chat tool[/KW], perfect for[KW] live video[/KW] and[KW] audio chat[/KW]. It is easy to use and install. It supports [KW]multiple languages[/KW],[KW] platforms[/KW] and [KW]payment gateways[/KW]. Database integration is easy to implement via [KW]the admin pane[/KW]l, so your users don't require to register twice. It is equipped with fully featured administrative options, video gallery, customisable banner tool, widgets and games. Source codes allow chat owners to customise the look and feel of the main interface, add new smileys and fine tune placement of widgets. Visichat can be deployed on a [KW]dedicated server [/KW]or [KW]VPS[/KW], on Windows or Linux server operating system. Step by step installation script makes it easy for chat owners to install Visichat and its software dependencies. Audio and video stream separation to a hosted Flash Media Server is supported for greater performance. Visichat can empower your business, virtual classrooms or private communities. It also has a guest mode, which gives you the pleasure of interactive visitor feedback and real-time sense of involvement with your community, but can be turned off on demand.

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