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PCKeeperPCKeeper - A must-have application that is like 911 for your PC.

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Short description A must-have application that is like 911 for your PC.

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PCKeeper is a must-have application that is like 911 for your PC. This all-in-one solution contains literally everything you and your [KW]PC[/KW] may ever need. Its tools and system utilities will take care of your PC by [KW]hiding and encrypting your private files[/KW], completely uninstalling the apps, [KW]recovering accidentally deleted files[/KW] even if they were removed from the recycle bin, cleaning up the hard drive, and more. But the most powerful feature of PCKeeper is Antivirus that [KW]protects your PC[/KW] from [KW]viruses[/KW], [KW]malware[/KW], [KW]spyware[/KW], [KW]identity thefts[/KW], and all other online threats. PCKeeper also offers exclusive online services that will help you get answers to any technical questions and even track down your Mac in case it gets stolen. With PCKeeper you will never have to worry about lack of disk space, slow system performance, accidental file loss, security breaches, etc. And if you have any questions, our experts will be glad to answer them 24/7!

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