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Deep Freeze StandardDeep Freeze Standard - Your computer, like new with every restart

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NameDeep Freeze StandardVersion8.0
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedJan 3, 2017
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 9, 2013
Category Security & Antivirus » SecurityPlatform Windows
Short description Your computer, like new with every restart

Developer's description

How can you maintain an absolutely flawless computing environment without limiting user access to vital web resources and essential programs? The answer is Deep Freeze. Deep Freeze instantly [KW]protects and preserves[/KW] original computer [KW]configurations[/KW], eliminating routine IT maintenance while allowing complete unrestricted [KW]access to a workstation[/KW]. Regardless of the changes made to a workstation, simply restart to reset the computer to its original state. The result is a protected, parallel network, free of viruses and unwanted programs. Computing environments are easier to [KW]manage and maintain[/KW], and expensive computer assets are kept running at 100% capacity. Users are able to remain safe and productive in a pristine and efficient environment.

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