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Chi PetChi Pet - Chi Pet is a growing plant widget for your Dashboard.

General information

NameChi PetVersion1.1
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedApr 9, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 9, 2013
Category Platform MAC
Short description Chi Pet is a growing plant widget for your Dashboard.

Developer's description

Chi Pet is a [KW]growing plant widget[/KW] for your Dashboard. Based on [KW]the real plant[/KW] the Chia Pet, the widget will grow on [KW]your computer every 3 days[/KW]. But, like a real plant, it needs [KW]water [/KW]and [KW]sunlight [/KW](not really). When clicking the [KW]water droplet button[/KW], it feeds your pet for 3 days. A fun idea coupled with great [KW]graphics makes[/KW] the Chi Pet a great

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