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AutoClipXAutoClipX - Automatically copies content you select with your mouse to the Windows clipboard

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LicenseTrialLast UpdatedJan 3, 2017
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 13, 2013
Category System Utilities » UtilitiesPlatform Windows
Short description Automatically copies content you select with your mouse to the Windows clipboard

Developer's description

Copy and paste... with your mouse! [KW] AutoClipX (ACX)[/KW] automatically copies selected [KW]text [/KW]to the[KW] Windows clipboard[/KW] while pasting is accomplished by simply clicking a[KW] mouse button[/KW]! To save even more time, ACX is capable of learning what applications you are working with and can [KW]automatically switch [/KW]between them! You can also[KW] strip content from text[/KW], such as [KW]HTML markup[/KW], [KW]spaces[/KW], numbers and just about anything else and, optionally, [KW]replace the stripped text with content [/KW]of your choosing. In addition to the default stripping and replacing options, you may add your own. For the greatest flexibility, ACX uses regular expressions for[KW] matching content[/KW] you want to [KW]remove[/KW] or[KW] replace[/KW]. [KW]Automatic copying [/KW]is regulated several ways to [KW]prevent unwanted copying from applications[/KW] you want [KW]ACX [/KW]to ignore, including by [KW]cursor type[/KW], [KW]blacklisting window titles[/KW] and/or class names, as well as through the [KW]use of hot-keys[/KW] which can quickly enable and disable ACX. ACX uses the [KW]native Windows clipboard [/KW]for copying and pasting, just as if you pressed the [KW]CTRL + C[/KW] and[KW] CTRL + V[/KW] keys. It is extremely [KW]easy to use[/KW], yet offers powerful features and configuration options, allowing you to tailor it just the way you like. If you are looking for a [KW]clipboard manager capable of storing[/KW] and [KW]recalling content from multiple clipboards[/KW], AutoClipX is probably not for you, however if you want to simply copy and paste as fast as possible then ACX might be exactly what you're looking for!

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