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Auto Web BrowserAuto Web Browser - Free browsing / searching tool with web crawling and offline preview features.

General information

NameAuto Web BrowserVersion1.5
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedJan 4, 2017
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 13, 2013
Category Internet » Browser ToolsPlatform Windows
Short description Free browsing / searching tool with web crawling and offline preview features.

Developer's description

[KW]Auto Web Browser[/KW] [KW]saves a lot of time[/KW] when you are [KW]looking for something on the Internet[/KW]. No need for [KW]numerous clicking[/KW], waiting for [KW]pages download[/KW] and[KW] closing annoying pop-ups[/KW]. Just enter the [KW]words describing[/KW] what you want to find. The [KW]Auto Web Browser[/KW] will [KW]consult the search engines [/KW]from a [KW]user defined list[/KW], download the pages to your computer, [KW]filter[/KW] and [KW]analyze[/KW] them and then it will[KW] automatically surf further[/KW], downloading other potentially interesting pages using the [KW]links from the meaningful part of the relevant documents[/KW]. Web crawling reveals many interesting pages, that cannot be found easily if you use search engines only. With [KW]good Internet connection[/KW] hundreds of documents could be processed in minutes. If you have [KW]slow Internet[/KW], just take a break and wait for a while. After most of the [KW]routine job [/KW]is done by the application, the found pages and an [KW]annotated report[/KW] are available for an [KW]instant offline preview[/KW]. The application contains [KW]Download and Exclude lists of URLs[/KW], that can be saved to and loaded from a [KW]file and filled by URLs[/KW] from any [KW]file[/KW] or[KW] clipboard[/KW]. The search engines used by the application are fully customisable and a user can add the specific engines most suitable for the[KW] particular search task[/KW]. The tool can also be used in a simple mode just retrieving and filtering results from search engines. The links to found documents with summaries and thumbnail images of the pages can be placed into a structured report and saved to[KW] html file[/KW].

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