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Aurora Borealis: Draughts/Checkers Database ProgramAurora Borealis: Draughts/Checkers Database Program - Awards5 Stars Rating on Download3000.comUser Choice on FDMAurora Borealis was fully...

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NameAurora Borealis: Draughts/Checkers Database ProgramVersion2.11
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedMay 8, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 8, 2013
Category Educational Software » Teaching ToolPlatform Windows
Short description Awards5 Stars Rating on Download3000.comUser Choice on FDMAurora Borealis was fully...

Developer's description

Awards 5 Stars Rating on Download3000.com User Choice on FDM Aurora Borealis was fully tested by TopShareware Labs. It does not contain any kind of malware, adware and viruses. Why "Aurora Borealis professional" is the best choice? - It's an excellent partner to spend some time playing draughts with. Built-in program engine has a master candidate level on Russian/Brasilian/Pool draughts and average level on English/Italian/International. However, you may use for play and analysis purposes free external draughts engines: 'Cake Manchester' by Martin Fierz (English draughts) 'KingsRow' by Ed Gilbert (English and Italian draughts) 'Kallisto' by Igor Korshunov (Russian and Brazilian draughts) all of them are world top-level draughts engines and already included in Aurora Borealis professional Kit. [KW]Beginners players[/KW] are welcome with lower play levels. - You can play and analyse 7 variations of draughts: [KW]English draughts[/KW] (American checkers), Italian (Dama Italiana), Russian, Brazilian, Czech, American Pool checkers and International draughts. "Aurora Borealis professional" allows you to comment your games and add variations (look at an example. Using "Aurora Borealis" and electronic draughts board (available for both 64 and 100 boards) you can play, enter, analyse games even without resorting to the keyboard or mouse! (Note! [KW]Electronic draughts board[/KW] is not a part of "Aurora Borealis professional" kit and is for sale by Shahcom company.) - Aurora Borealis was the first multi-draughts database program since 1999 and one of the largest and powerful ones by now. Interface languages: English Russian Portuguese French Italian There are free PDN databases available for downloads over the Internet: English draughts: Open Checkers Archive 2.0 (more than 22'000 games) Aurora Borealis has its own databases available on CD: International draughts: over 260'000 games English draughts: over 30'500 games Russian draughts: over 80'000 games Brazilian draughts: over 8'600 games Czech draughts: over 2'100 games Aurora Borealis professional has powerful database tools, such as: useful search (by names, tournaments, positions, patterns...), ; variation tree (immediately shows statistics of current position, so you don`t need to search through whole database); copy, sort and organize your games databases now as easy as you cannot even imagine; support of import and [KW]export PDN databases[/KW] allows users to import/export their [KW]databases from/to other programs[/KW]; [KW]export games[/KW] to Rich Text Format (RTF), compatible with [KW]Microsoft Word[/KW] and many others [KW]text processors[/KW], is the easiest and comfortable way to get games ready for publication purposes, look at an example; export games to HTML internet files allow you to publish your commented games into web-sites, look at an example - some Russian draughts commented games; Features: Play and analyse 7 variations of draughts (English, Italian, Russian, Brazilian, Czech, American Pool and 10x10 International) with any time control If you like "Aurora Borealis" draughts program and interested in different draughts variations, currently not supported, please, let me know. Large opening books Endgame databases support (6-pieces for Aurora & Kallisto engines, up to 8-pieces for Cake and 10-pieces for KingsRow) Modern "anti-human" playing style Self-teaching Interactive and automatic game analysis Powerful database tools Full version requirements: Processor: Pentium or higher (Pentium III-IV or Athlon recommended) RAM: 32 MB minimum (128 MB or more is recommended, Aurora Borealis can use up to 2GB of RAM) [KW]Operating system[/KW]: Windows 2000, XP, 2003 (not WinNT/98/ME!) CD/DVD-ROM (for installation from CD/DVD) 6 Mb on HDD for minimal installation, up to 1,5 Gb on HDD for full installation of included available databases. (Please note: full 8-pieces endgame database for English draughts Cake Manchester engine or 10-pieces for KingsRow English and Italian draughts engine are not parts of Aurora Borealis Kit, and, if needed, requres an additional space.)

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