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AudioCodexAudioCodex - Alternative media player for Mac OS X

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LicenseTrialLast UpdatedMay 28, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 28, 2013
Category Platform MAC
Short description Alternative media player for Mac OS X

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Slow it down, pitch it up, loop, warp, manipulate and mash up your music and movies in real time with simply unbelievable control. Machine Head 0.80b AudioCodex is an alternative media player for Mac OS X that tightly integrates your media, iTunes Library, Quartz Compositions and Core Audio effects. AudioCodex is made for musicians, DJ/VJs, audiophiles and casual listeners alike. AudioCodex enables you to easily create loops and apply real-time Audio Units effects to tracks from iTunes and elsewhere. It is built around a unique hybrid Core Audio/QuickTime playback engine which preferentially plays files with Core Audio. AudioCodex features an advanced Quartz Visualizer module for viewing and tweaking industry standard Quartz Composer .qtz visualisations. Now you have the perfect player for audio-active compositions.

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