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AtomicaAtomica - Make Molecules in Dr. Atomica's Laboratory in this addictive PopCap game

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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedMay 4, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 4, 2013
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Short description Make Molecules in Dr. Atomica's Laboratory in this addictive PopCap game

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[KW]Make Molecules[/KW] in Dr.[KW] Atomica's Laboratory[/KW]! Build up atomic power by moving atoms to make larger and larger molecules, but watch out, otherwise your test board will get so crowded with new atoms appearing that you can't move any more and.... *BOOOM*. This official Palm conversion of the great [KW]PopCap game[/KW] is just as addictive and just as challenging, and now you can take it with you anywhere! Features include: A[KW]ddictive Gameplay Easy to learn[/KW] - but a different challenge level for everyone! Faithful Conversion of the [KW]online game High Quality Graphics[/KW], in either Greyscale or Colour Sound Effects Two difficulty modes - normal and timed! High Score Table. Undo facility Built-in graphical instructions to get you started Work your way through many ranks, right the way from Homer Simpson, up to Einstein! [KW]Release History Release[/KW] 2.3 : 10th September, 2004 Minor Updates and improvements Release 2.1 : 3rd October, 2003 Updated to the new Aurora sound system! Music from the [KW]PopCap PC[/KW] version, [KW]Atomica Deluxe[/KW] (requires Palm Zire 71, [KW]Palm Tungsten series[/KW] , Handspring Treo 600 or Sony UX series) A number of bug fixes and improvements Release 2.01 : 7th February, 2003 Fixed bug which caused Hard level high score tables to be overwritten by [KW]Timed level high scores [/KW] Release 1.26 : 20th February, 2002 Revised with new library routines to have better support for latest devices.

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