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AstroAppMacXAstroAppMacX - Mac sharing and control tool

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LicenseTrialLast UpdatedJun 3, 2013
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Short description Mac sharing and control tool

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Have you ever wanted one internet application that could do it all? Well, that's what our software does. You can transfer files, have voice conversations, instant message, collaborate on a chalk-board, video conference and remote control your computer - all in one application. Our software is called AstroApp and has meeting capabilities by allowing up to 10 users to view and control the same desktop at the same time. To start using the software we recommend creating a free AstroCity login username from within the software and then connecting to others using the FriendsList. With the advanced modes you can also connect to machines using an IP address and port number. The current release of our software is Version 1.97. More information about this version can be found in our about section.

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