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Art Plus EasyNoter LiteArt Plus EasyNoter Lite - Integrate a diary, notepad, an address book, a reminder and research function

General information

NameArt Plus EasyNoter LiteVersion3.7
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedJan 4, 2017
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 12, 2013
Category Business » TemplatesPlatform Windows
Short description Integrate a diary, notepad, an address book, a reminder and research function

Developer's description

Still looking for the [KW]ideal Personal Information Manager[/KW] or Organizer? Then you owe it to yourself to [KW]check out EasyNoter[/KW]! The program resembles a [KW]real-world organizer[/KW] encased in a beautiful leather cover with built-in [KW]LCD clock [/KW]that also [KW]displays the date[/KW]. Not only it looks beautiful, it's also as simple to use as it's paper predecessors. Within five sections of the program you can [KW]jot down notes [/KW](Notes section), addresses (Address section),[KW] daily duties[/KW] (Diary),[KW] photographs[/KW] (Photo Album) or [KW]pop up reminders [/KW](Reminder section). Latest release, [KW]EasyNoter LITE 3.5 [/KW]is freeware bringing [KW]OLE embedding[/KW] and linking capability so you can add documents, links and images to your notes. Reminder section is greatly improved so it can even be used to run external programs at given time intervals. Among smaller changes are improved printing, and [KW]addition of Quick Launch [/KW]that you can use to [KW]open phone dialer[/KW], [KW]calculator[/KW], [KW]CD player[/KW] or [KW]windows explorer[/KW]. Quick launch can be customized to open other programs instead.

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