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ArcSoft Perfect365 for MacArcSoft Perfect365 for Mac - One-click facial makeup application

General information

NameArcSoft Perfect365 for MacVersion1.0.0.46
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedApr 15, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 15, 2013
Category Platform MAC
Short description One-click facial makeup application

Developer's description

[KW]Perfect365[/KW] is an One-click facial makeup application for those who want to give that neat in the pictures and get a [KW]remodeled look[/KW]. it can automatically detect faces in images and let you [KW]make cosmetic changes[/KW], like [KW]removing a blemish or fading dark circles [/KW]under your eyes, alongside [KW]makeover features[/KW] such as "smile enhance and "cheek lift". Additionally, it also lets you add makeup, which could make it useful for testing out new looks. Here are some powerful features: 1. One-click awesomeness Do you really want to [KW]share photos shot at favorite tourist spots[/KW]? But you feel that you can look better in your photos. Leave it to [KW]Perfect365[/KW]. Just with one click, your circles under eyes can be lightened, your blemishes can be fixed, and even your teeth can be whitened. 2. Be your own[KW] makeup artist[/KW] Everyone can be their own makeup artist. Perfect365 can help bring creativity out in you, all with an innovative and beautiful design. Try colors and intensity for your eyes, lips, cheek and much more, and make the effects either really subtle or really raddled. To be the queen of Reinvention, it is fun and easy. 3. Edit like a pro Perfect365 for Mac can [KW]automatically detect up to 20 faces in one photo[/KW]. For those who want additional options, Perfect365 enables you to [KW]adjust the shape of eyes[/KW], nose, and mouth with customized controls. 4. Save and share After you finish your [KW]photo makeover[/KW], automatically post the finished results to [KW]Facebook[/KW], [KW]Flickr[/KW], and [KW]Twitter[/KW]. Or save your photos to your[KW] hard drive[/KW] to print them later.

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