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Archimedes Grapher ProfessionalArchimedes Grapher Professional - Archimedes Grapher is a kind of powerful and convenient tool software which supports...

General information

NameArchimedes Grapher ProfessionalVersion2.1
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedApr 28, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 28, 2013
Category Educational Software » MathematicsPlatform Windows
Short description Archimedes Grapher is a kind of powerful and convenient tool software which supports...

Developer's description

[KW]Archimedes Grapher[/KW] is a [KW]kind of powerful[/KW] and [KW]convenient tool software[/KW] which supports functional [KW]graph plotting[/KW], [KW]numerical calculation[/KW], unit conversion, and [KW]slide show[/KW]. It can plot all kinds of graphs (functional [KW]graphs[/KW], [KW]table graphs[/KW], [KW]polar equation[/KW], [KW]parameter equation[/KW], [KW]inequation [/KW]and etc.), implement all kinds of calculations (multivariable scientific calculation, generating numerical table, finding point of [KW]intersection[/KW], [KW]tangent[/KW]/[KW]normal [/KW]and derivative), provides a tool for unit conversion (supports the conversion of more than 200 units in 12 classes), and made functional graphs into slides for the purpose of [KW]teaching demonstration[/KW].

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