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AppDeleteAppDelete - Uninstalling applications on a Mac

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LicenseTrialLast UpdatedDec 24, 2016
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Category System UtilitiesPlatform MAC
Short description Uninstalling applications on a Mac

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[KW]AppDelete[/KW] deletes the application you choose and any associated items (files and folders) that belong to that application. Now you will no longer have to hunt through your system to find these items and delete them manually. Or worse, just let them sit on your [KW]Mac[/KW] forever even though the application is long gone! To run [KW]AppDelete[/KW] just [KW]drag the application[/KW] or [KW]folder[/KW] containing the application you want to [KW]delete onto the AppDelete icon[/KW]. The easiest way is to [KW]keep AppDelete in dock[/KW] so you can drag your app or folder containing the app onto the icon in your dock. After doing this AppDelete will search your system to find the associated items. They will be moved inside of a folder in the trash named "AppDelete" with the name of the app you dragged onto the icon. You can inspect this folder if you like before emptying the trash. AppDelete also has a "Undo" feature and keeps a log of every item that was deleted. And AppDelete is freeware!

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