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ApparitionsApparitions - Are you ready to investigate a haunting?

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LicenseTrialLast UpdatedMay 23, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 23, 2013
Category Games » AdventurePlatform Windows
Short description Are you ready to investigate a haunting?

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Are you ready to investigate a haunting? Peter Wren and his team of paranormal investigators have been invited to the notorious Red Reef Inn, an abandoned hotel hidden away deep in the Florida Keys?and they want you to come along. Entering alone, you will be armed with a flashlight, cameras, detecting equipment and your wits to hunt down and capture evidence of the paranormal that may be lurking in the dark confines of the old inn. Don't let this place fool you though, she has plenty of secrets for you to find? or to find you.

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