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NameAnonymous Forum BuddyVersion3.8
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedMay 13, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 13, 2013
Category Internet » Browser ToolsPlatform Windows
Short description IE hide ip toolbar

Developer's description

Anonymous Forum [KW]Buddy toolbar masks[/KW] the [KW]IP address[/KW] by routing your traffic through foreign anonymous proxies. This way you can surf, [KW]read mail[/KW], [KW]news[/KW], [KW]participate [/KW]in newsgroups without revealing your real [KW]IP address[/KW]. More, Anonymous Forum Buddy has posting [KW]possibilities[/KW], [KW]meaning [/KW]that you will be able to interact with [KW]web pages[/KW], [KW]post messages[/KW] on forums without being banned or kicked out, use searches, cast votes. All that in complete anonymity! [KW]Anonymous [/KW]Forum Buddy has embedded a premium [KW]proxy list[/KW]. [KW]Premium proxies[/KW] are high quality proxies that will never slow down your [KW]internet connection[/KW]. Choose the proxy form the dropdown list and surf anonymously. Proxy list is updated each time you open a [KW]new browser instance[/KW]. What is more, Anonymous Forum Buddy allows you to dynamically surf the web, [KW]post messages[/KW] in forums, in chat rooms, even to [KW]play various[/KW] [KW]online games[/KW], without [KW]risking being banned[/KW] or kicked out.

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