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Android Status Bar IconsAndroid Status Bar Icons - Status bar icons for every Android app in hdpi, mdpi, and ldpi.

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NameAndroid Status Bar IconsVersion2012
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedJan 3, 2017
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 13, 2013
Category Desktop Management » IconsPlatform Windows
Short description Status bar icons for every Android app in hdpi, mdpi, and ldpi.

Developer's description

A [KW]great Android apps[/KW] should be complemented with [KW]icons[/KW] that help users enjoy app functionality while presenting an attractive, uniform appearance. [KW]Android status bar icons[/KW] can be some of the most difficult to find or create when development standards are high, but our collection of ready-made [KW]Android status bar icons [/KW]has everything needed to ensure that status notifications are attractive and intuitive. With clean lines and pleasing contrast, our Android status bar icons offer a crisp appearance that's perfect for small screens but which works just as well with newer, [KW]high-resolution Android devices[/KW]. The [KW]icons[/KW] are available in [KW]hdpi[/KW],[KW] mdpi[/KW], and [KW]ldpi [/KW]resolutions to correspond with [KW]popular icon sizes[/KW], and the included[KW] alpha channel [/KW]allows developers to alter the translucency of each and every icon for a personalized look that's ideal for the application in development. The collection can be purchased in[KW] PNG format[/KW] or developers can choose to receive[KW] PSD files[/KW] and[KW] vector sources[/KW] in both [KW]AI[/KW] and SVG for[KW] greater control[/KW] over the final look of their icons. Developers who choose to work with[KW] PSD files [/KW]can take advantage of an included layer that facilitates[KW] icon depth modification[/KW], allowing for even more customization power. From [KW]operating systems[/KW] to[KW] common tools[/KW], [KW]calendar and time depictions [/KW]to user representations and beyond, our [KW]collection of Android status bar icons [/KW]ensures there's always an appropriate icon to use. Documents, devices, directions, [KW]social actions[/KW], and common tasks are all included, many with multiple renderings to allow for an application that adheres to Android's visual standards without looking generic or boring. Our icon collection is perfect for apps developed for Android 2.3 or later, and includes a total of 159 distinct images. Easy to use and edit, and able to impart a smooth, professional look on any background at any standard resolution, these icons are the answer to ensuring any new app gets the status bar style it deserves.

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