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AIV MP3 CutterAIV MP3 Cutter - Cut small parts of any MP3 song

General information

NameAIV MP3 CutterVersion1.9
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedJan 1, 2017
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 9, 2013
Category Audio - Videos » Other audio toolsPlatform Windows
Short description Cut small parts of any MP3 song

Developer's description

AIV MP3 cutter can extract clips of any length from a MP3 song.These clips can be put as Ringtones of the [KW]cell phones[/KW].If the size of a [KW]MP3 file[/KW] is going out of space,then the file can be cut and stored in two CDs by using it.It comes with advanced facilities like display of start point, end point and length of selection.It can play the selected part of the (clip) song.Includes volume controller.Not only this,it also [KW]supports editing of MP3[/KW] Tags like [KW]Artist name[/KW],[KW]Title[/KW],[KW]track number[/KW] and etc.

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