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AirGrab Password PROAirGrab Password PRO - RO for Mac free. Generate secure passwords in a batch on your Apple Mac

General information

NameAirGrab Password PROVersion1.0.34
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedMay 2, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 2, 2013
Category Platform MAC
Short description RO for Mac free. Generate secure passwords in a batch on your Apple Mac

Developer's description

The [KW]AirGrab Password PRO[/KW] allows you to [KW]create random passwords[/KW] that are highly secure and [KW]extremely difficult[/KW] to crack or guess due to an optional combination of lower and upper case letters, numbers and other symbols. [KW]Generate strong passwords[/KW] by one [KW]click for access points[/KW], WEP and WPA encryption in WiFi Networks, websites, servers, routers and etc. Including numbers and special characters in a mixed case password will generally create a more secure password, which would be exponentially harder to recover using a brute force password discovery method. You can specify which types of characters will be used in the password. It is recommended to use all available characters to generate a complicated, strong password. On the other hand, passwords with special symbols, for instance, are harder to remember, so you might wish to exclude those characters if you need to keep the password in your head. The longer password you have, the stronger it is. [KW]Minimum recommended length[/KW] of the password is five-six characters. Eight or ten [KW]character passwords[/KW] are just right for most web services. Simple click "Generate" and get your password generated and ready to use! When the password is generated, select it using mouse cursor, copy and paste into the appropriate field. Therefore, these [KW]password strings [/KW]are just for you. No one else can ever see them or get them. You may safely take these strings as they are, or use chunks from several to build your own if you prefer, or do whatever you want with them. Each set displayed are totally, uniquely yours - forever.

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