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aidScansaidScans - Program takes set of slices provided by scanner and estimates tumor volume

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LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedMay 12, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 12, 2013
Category Educational Software » SciencePlatform Windows
Short description Program takes set of slices provided by scanner and estimates tumor volume

Developer's description

[KW]Volume estimation[/KW] application. The program takes set of object slices provided by a [KW]scanner[/KW]. The software is used for [KW]medical imaging[/KW] purposes, especially for [KW]brain tumors[/KW] (obtained from [KW]MRI[/KW] and[KW] CT scanners[/KW]) [KW]volume calculations[/KW]. The program is useable for breast, chest, liver and another organs tumor calculations as well as in different areas like geology. This is possible because the application supports open input/output formats interfaces which allow easy and fast integration with custom file formats and [KW]data exchange[/KW] with existing applications. Key features of the program are: multi-image working area, which allows you manipulation and editing of similar slices; window/center correction also known as brightness/contrast; manual selection tool; auto-selection tool for solid sub-parts with similar density: some types of tumors, hollow spaces, organs etc.; border tool for manual separation of different sub-parts but with similar density; volume and area estimation dialog; [KW]3D-model view [/KW]of the selected volume; input/output formats openness which allows integration with existing software and support of popular and custom data formats.

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