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ActiveBarcodeActiveBarcode - Creating barcodes incl. an application and a control.

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LicenseTrialLast UpdatedJan 1, 2017
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Short description Creating barcodes incl. an application and a control.

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ActiveBarcode is a powerful efficient easy-to-use software package for [KW]creating[/KW] and [KW]printing[/KW] [KW]barcodes[/KW]: Create them for your documents and applications as easy as typing the code. Simply enter the desired characters and select the type. The barcode will be created! The software package includes a stand alone application for creating [KW]barcode images[/KW], an ActiveX control (e.g. for Office automation) and a command line tool. - Create professional barcodes - All common barcode types are supported - Flexible layout options - Scaleable barcode size - Creation of [KW]vector graphics files[/KW] - Print[KW] single barcodes[/KW] and[KW] barcode labels[/KW] - Creation of image files in common image file formats (Series are possible) - Use barcodes directly in your documents - Automation - For office users and application developers (redistributable license is available) - Detailed online documentation, examples, step-by-step instructions and videos

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