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ACEDIOR English VersionACEDIOR English Version - Enter the best adventure game for PalmOS

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NameACEDIOR English VersionVersion1.02
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedMay 9, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 9, 2013
Category Platform
Short description Enter the best adventure game for PalmOS

Developer's description

GAME STORY: April 22th, 1365, The king of France send a military squad around the area of the Bourget Lake in Savoy, to get rid of some goups of gypsies that were roaming the countryside and terrorized the local villagers with their shady reputation. They decided to rest for the night in the Chatelombre monastery but, when they got there, all they discovered was an abandoned place. The evening dinner was ready and the table set, but they could''t find any sign of the 16 monks that were supposed to live there. This game is based on the true story of the disappearance of the chamberlombre monks, but the interpretation of events is fictive... Enter the mysterious monastery of Chatelombre and incarnate brother Baptiste, a monk trying to understand the horrible curse that fall on the monastery. [KW]Acedior[/KW] is the first point and click adventure featuring beautiful [KW]CG graphics[/KW].for [KW]PalmOS [/KW]devices.

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