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Access Get Password and RemoveAccess Get Password and Remove - Recover Change and Remove MDB MS Access Database Password in a moment

General information

NameAccess Get Password and RemoveVersion2.1.0.5
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedDec 22, 2016
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 9, 2013
Category Security & Antivirus » Password Managers & GeneratorsPlatform Windows
Short description Recover Change and Remove MDB MS Access Database Password in a moment

Developer's description

Access Get Password and Remove is an easy-to-use utility with powerful functionality for recoverying lost or forgotten [KW]MS Access MDB database passwords[/KW]. The lot of information may become inaccessible because of one small key phrase which you have lost or forgot. But now you do not have to worry about it ! Now you do not need to store the passwords in inaccessible places or to remember them, because you have the Access Get Password and Remove - the powerfull utility, which recovers lost or forgotten MS Access MDB database passwords and allows to change or remove them. It is not neccessary to have [KW]great proffesional skills [/KW]in computers in order to use this software. Even if you are a newcomer in computers, it solves your problems. Besides, the additional, bonus features of this program are: MDB password manipulations, such as removal, and changing of the password. A user can easily change or remove [KW]the MS Access DB password[/KW] within the program, without using the original MS Access. That is why this utility can be used not only by individual customers but also by system, [KW]database administrators[/KW], [KW]security engineers[/KW] and technical support personnel of any [KW]company[/KW] or [KW]organization[/KW]. The software works with [KW]MS Access 95-2000[/KW],[KW] XP[/KW], [KW]2003 MDB[/KW] format databases. The key features are: retrieving the password up to 20 characters long, multi-encoding support, hexadecimal password dump, drag-and-drop technique, changing the password, removing the password, saving the unlocked password to a [KW]text file[/KW]. Additionaly, our registered customers have an ability to use our online data recovery assistance. It is also the recovery service available for [KW]damaged digital files [/KW](*.mdb,*.doc,*.rtf,*.docx,*.dot,*.dotx,*.xls,*.xlt,*.xlsx,*.xltx,*.dbx,*.mbx,*.wab,*.pst,*.ost,*.edb,*.stm,*.ppt,*.pps,*.zip,*.rar). Our certified specialists will be happy to solve your problems.

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