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Ability Spreadsheet (Retail)Ability Spreadsheet (Retail) - Ability Spreadsheet (Retail)

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NameAbility Spreadsheet (Retail)Version4
LicenseTrialLast UpdatedMay 27, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 27, 2013
Category Business » ApplicationPlatform Windows
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Developer's description

Ability Spreadsheet has incorporated all the essential features users would expect from their spreadsheet, as well as a range of advanced features some of them unique to Ability to make working with numerical data as easy and clear as it gets: industry-standard interface and operation; Microsoft Excel compatibility; multi-sheet workbooks, which can be connected by cross-sheet formulas to help you organise and relate your the data for your calculations; each workbook can contain up to 255 worksheets; each worksheet consists of 256 columns by 65,536 rows; labour-saving tools such as AutoSum, AutoStats, AutoSpell, and AutoList; over 240 predefined functions, grouped into useful categories: mathematical, financial, trigonometric, logical, statistical, date and time, text, and document information; Recent Folders and Recent Files sidecar menus to make finding files and folders quick and easy; a PDF Creator to create PDF copies of your spreadsheets (these are easily emailable); a comprehensive range of charts, with 41 styles grouped into 11 categories: Column, Bar, Line, Pie, XYScatter, Area, Financial Stocks, Strata, Radar, Bubble and Vector headers and footers; row and column freezing to preserve the display of titles (on-screen and at print time); user-definable page breaks; Print-to-fit auto-scaling; spreadsheet templates to enable you to use your specially designed spreadsheets again and again; advanced cell formatting, including merging and splitting of cells, cell comment boxes, double-line cell borders, and custom format styles; tool tips to display cell formulas; hyperlinks to call up web pages; Macros - use VBScript, OLE automation and programmable forms; browsing and editing of database files, including Microsoft Access files, from the spreadsheet by using unique database functions; live sharing of data between database and spreadsheet through unique Edit Source option: allows database data to be modified from spreadsheet and spreadsheet data to be modified from database without your having to locate and open the remote file; querying of database fields inserted into spreadsheet: apply sorts, selections, column orders and queries created in database, or create your own directly in spreadsheet; insert text-effects using WriteFX (as in Ability Write); cells can be formatted for fonts, borders and colours directly from the toolbars; multiple non-sequential cell selection, allowing quick and flexible formatting of selected areas of the spreadsheet; SQL querying to extract data from many standard databases.

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