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AardWord PLUS - Crossword DictionaryAardWord PLUS - Crossword Dictionary - The best and most popular crossword dictionary for Palm OS.

General information

NameAardWord PLUS - Crossword DictionaryVersion1.9.5
LicenseFreewareLast UpdatedApr 23, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeApr 23, 2013
Category Games » AdventurePlatform Windows
Short description The best and most popular crossword dictionary for Palm OS.

Developer's description

[KW]Improve your word skills[/KW] - and have fun doing it - with the best and most [KW]popular crossword dictionary[/KW] for [KW]Palm OS[/KW]. The dictionary of choice for crossword lover and crossword beginner alike. AardWord takes just a few seconds to do the routine work of finding words with the right letters in the right place, so you can use your skills to decipher the clues and choose the correct word for the puzzle. [KW]Smaller[/KW], [KW]lighter[/KW], [KW]faster[/KW], [KW]easier [/KW]than a printed crossword dictionary. AardWord UK edition comes with the UK Advanced Cryptics Dictionary (UKACD) of words, proper names and common phrases. All forms of each word are listed. Compiled especially for crossword solvers and setters, the UKACD is probably the most comprehensive list of British English words available. With over 230,000 entries, this dictionary contains 2.6 megabytes of data, compressed to just 1MB for your Palm handheld. Use it as a Scrabble dictionary or a general-purpose spelling checker too. Or even compile your own crosswords! Crossword enthusiast or crossword beginner? Need to solve that last annoying clue? Want to move on to harder crosswords, but need a helping hand? Want to win that crossword competition? How to use AardWord: simply write in the letters you know, and use a hyphen '-' for the letters you don't know. For example: type in "--a-pl-". The AardWord search will give you "example", "grapple", "knapple", "reapply", "scapple", "sharply", "trample" and "whample". Now available in 2 versions: AardWord - without anagrams AardWord PLUS - with anagrams AardWord PLUS has an aditional "Anagrams" button, which searches for anagrams of the word you entered. An anagram is any word which can be made by combining - in any order - the letters entered, using each letter once only. For example: type in "eimt". AardWord PLUS will give you "emit", "item", "mite" and "time". (The demo download also contains demos of the AardSpell spelling checker and the AardTris word game, which use the same dictionary.)

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