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AA Mail ServerAA Mail Server - Share mail server software to map your mail service.

General information

NameAA Mail ServerVersion1.2
LicenseSharewareLast UpdatedMay 20, 2013
First added by:AlbertPhanFirst added timeMay 20, 2013
Category Internet » E- mailPlatform Windows
Short description Share mail server software to map your mail service.

Developer's description

[KW]AA Mail Server[/KW] is not only a standard [KW]SMTP/POP3 mail server[/KW], but also with the special and useful functionality of [KW]map mail server mode[/KW]. Just as its name implies, [KW]map mail server[/KW] will become a mirror of your ISP mail server and share your mail service. If using this map mode, your staff exchange all emails via AA Mail Server, while AA Mail Server delivers internal emails itself and outside emails through ISP. If your company doesn't have working mailboxes for employees so far, you can use AA Mail Server to build your own conventional mail server on Internet or LAN. If you already have mailboxes provided by ISP, you may need AA Mail Server to build your map mail server for some of following reasons: Internet mail access Some computers in your company have not connected to Internet and then can not exchange emails through ISP service. Install AA Mail Server on your server, then all of your computers can send and [KW]receive Internet emails[/KW]. Higher exchange performance You hope to improve the exchange performance of [KW]internal emails[/KW], especially for [KW]large emails[/KW]. AA Mail Server can help you on this, because then internal emails are exchanged via LAN not via Internet. Cost saving You have to spend a lot of money if you want to expand ISP mailbox size for your staff. AA Mail Server can give you as large as 2G size for each account without cost increase (needing not to expand ISP mailbox size). Email monitor You may need the function of email monitor which [KW]ISP mail server[/KW] not provided. AA Mail Server provides powerful and easy to use email monitor functions. Mail group function Mail group can greatly improve the communication between your teams. AA Mail Server provides easy to use and powerful mail group functions for you. Other administrations Mail clear & backup, log analysis, multi-domains and domain alias and etc, which all ISP mail server cannot provide, will be other strong reasons for you to build your own mail server with AA Mail Server.

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